Here are a few testimonials from some of my clients:

"I bought the breaking wave photo, Waimea Whopper, off Mark's website recently, after having admired his work for quite some time. I got in contact with him by email, and he was very helpful and accommodating; helping me with some logistical adjustments that I needed done. The canvas looks amazing, the resolution is excellent, even though the print is really large. I could not be happier with the result! I am glad to be able to rest my eyes on Mark's print daily for years to come!" Ellen Mamen, Norway

"I ordered two large canvas prints from Mark, called Zen and Orange Juice in case you want to check them out on his website. These are both in-water shots looking out of barreling waves, which as any surfer, or indeed ocean-lover, knows, is the most magical experience. Those with a meta-physical or spiritual bent wax poetic about the feeling, but suffice to say, it is unique and uplifting. The two large prints capture that feeling beautifully, and I was frankly surprised at how well the photos reproduced onto canvas. I gave one of the prints to a friend for his house-warming, and it now resides proudly in their entrance hallway, welcoming visitors. Mine takes pride of place in our bedroom, providing my wife and I with inspiration when we wake each morning." Lyndon DeVantier, lifelong surfer and marine scientist

"Mark's superb photographs speak for themselves. From my own personal viewpoint, I feel so lucky to have found his photos 20 years ago when I first published my Bali surfing guidebook 'Indo Surf & Lingo'. His colorful action shots really lifted the entire production to another level, and added a sizzling professional quality to my otherwise fairly simple guidebook back then. Without a doubt, his photos helped increase sales and certainly sparked excitement in my readers' minds. If a picture's worth a thousand words, then one of Mark's is worth a million." Peter Neely, author & publisher of Indo Surf & Lingo.

"I recently had the pleasure of doing business with Mark Johnson. I had admired his Ikea Wave picture so much, but it was too large for the space I needed. I was able to research online & discover that Mark was the photographer & offered smaller sizes on his website. Still not seeing the size I needed, I messaged him about it. He responded back to me within hours and within a day added the size I needed to his website. We ordered a canvas gallery wrap of the photo in size 24 x 36. It arrived very securely packaged & the quality was superb! I highly recommend Mark Johnson. Not only are his photos beautiful & unique, but also because Mark is extremely easy to work with, and these days, that's hard to come by! He made it possible for me to surprise my daughter with the finishing touch to her "surf" bedroom. Thank you, Mark! I look forward to working with you again!" Ashley Quandt, Orlando, FL

"Thanks Mark, for the gorgeous photograph of your Na Pali coast wave. Your ability to capture the action, lighting and beauty is truly an amazing talent. We have enjoyed having this amazing photo in our home for the past several months and look forward to checking out some more of your work online. I really like the Wavescapes and Sports Portfolio. To anyone thinking of buying some of Mark's work let me just say – 'Go for it'! Mark is just amazingly talented and dedicated to the craft of photography. A 'local boy made good', he has made many trips to our island from Down Under to take pictures and always impresses with his desire to capture the energy, beauty, and essence of sports and nature, especially the ocean". Mitch Haynie, ProBox Hawaii LLC.

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