Licensing my Photography

I use the Rights Managed (RM) Licensing model to price my photography. RM pricing means you get your own custom price, depending on several criteria including editorial or commercial use, your industry and precise usage such as region, time and size.

Licensing my copyrighted photographs will give you a competitive edge, as research has shown that using quality photography positively impacts your marketing. Consider licensing my photography, rather than run of the mill, cheap generic microstock.  Using my images will give you higher engagement and ROI on your social media, your website, and in print. Have a look at some of the companies that have licensed my work.

And since I do all of the licensing personally, I can offer my content exclusively for your industry – for less than what you’d pay with the big photo agencies for comparable licenses.

Contact me If you’re interested in licensing my photography; please review my Pricing List and then email me at contactme-at-markjohnson-dot-com. Keep in mind, I am always ready to negotiate depending on your particular situation, so when you reach out, please let me know which photo(s) you’re interested in, what your industry is, and what the intended use is  (online/offline/or both). I'll do my best to make you happy!

Aloha, Mark

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