Mark A Johnson, Photographer

Mark is an outdoor professional photographer who captures breaking waves & marine scenes, travel, nature, sports, and lifestyle photography.

His photography has been published in magazines & books, used in advertising, and displayed in homes and offices around the world.

Aloha! My name is Mark Johnson; I grew up in Hawaii; then lived in California & Australia while traveling the world taking beautiful photographs for you to buy or license. Email me, or use the contact page to talk to me about licensing my photography for your project. You can also buy prints in my online store.

I first made a name for myself as a surfing and wave photographer in Hawaii , but have widened my scope into the wider outdoor on-location photography realm; aerials, beaches & coastal scenes, travel, sports and nature photography.

I find this little blurb, written by Rob Gilley for my feature story in Surfer's Journal (reprinted with permission), sums things up with a bit of humor:

“I had arranged the meeting with photographer Mark Johnson for noon at the Hawaiian-style plate lunch truck that sits across from Rocky Rights. Arriving a little early and to kill some time, I stepped up to the window, ordered a smoothie, sat down, and for fun, tried to predict what he would be like. I conjured up a tall, semi-burly, bearded rogue-maybe a guy with a couple of tattoos and/or visible scars-definitely a character with some sort of hardened attitude. All I had to go on was that he was a haole surf photographer who had survived a lot of time on Kauai and had shot photos in the high stress zone...which might explain my harsh prognostication. The only other information I had about Mark were his photographs. Once or twice a year his work would appear in Surfer, Surfing or Surfing Life…..Normally this wouldn't have attracted my interest in the slightest, but these weren't your run-o'-the-mill surf photos. These were big, mean water shots and empty, alluring wavescapes, the kind of images that force photographers to tilt their heads sideways to read photo credits and mutter to themselves, "where'd this guy come from”? I gave Mark a call and it turns out that he'd be visiting relatives on Oahu during the same time frame that I'd be there. He'd like to meet me to feel more secure about sending more of his "gems" to The Journal. So I’m sitting there trying to guess which one of the rough looking dudes out in the parking lot is Mark, when the slender, clean-cut guy next to me leans over and ever so cordially says, "Excuse me, are you Rob?" Oops. Let this be a lesson: never judge a man by his photos”. Rob Gilley, The Surfer’s Journal

Have a look around my website; all of my photographs can be bought as prints for your home or office, or licensed for editorial or professional projects

If you can't find what you want in my galleries, use the Search function in the menu above, email me at contactme-at-markjohnson-dot-com or click Contact in the menu above.

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